Curriculum Structure of Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Discovery-Enriched Curriculum (DEC)

Making an original discovery occupies a central place in our Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC)The goal of the DEC is for all CityU students to have the chance to make an original contribution to their field of study as an integral part of their professional education. It is a groundbreaking approach to the integration of teaching and learning, one that emphasises the discovery of new knowledge.

The DEC:

  • ignites a passion for knowledge and discovery
  • prepares student to practise professionally at and beyond the level of international standards
  • promotes a culture of knowledge and innovation that spurs local and global advancements in professional practice

In short, “discovery” is now fully integrated into the DNA of CityU's curriculum through our dual emphasis on education and research, integrated with our focus on innovation.

The curriculum structure of the four-year degree programme is as follows:

  Credit Requirements
First-year Entrants Advanced Standing I Entrants Advanced Standing II Entrants
Gateway Education 30 credit units 21 credit units 12 credit units
College/School Requirement (see notes) 0 - 27 credit units 0 - 27 credit units 0 - 27 credit units
Major ≥45 credit units ≥45 credit units ≥45 credit units
Minor (optional) 15 - 18 credit units 15 - 18 credit units 15 - 18 credit units
Free Electives Remainder to fulfil the credit requirements for graduation, if necessary Remainder to fulfil the credit requirements for graduation, if necessary Remainder to fulfil the credit requirements for graduation, if necessary
Minimum Credit Units for Graduation 120 credit units, depending on major 90 credit units, depending on major 60 credit units, depending on major
Maximum Credit Units for Graduation 144 credit units 114 credit units 84 credit units


  1. Students are also required to fulfil the English language and Chinese language requirements, and may be required to take additional language courses depending on the entry qualifications in English/Chinese.
  2. Students admitted with Advanced Standing I or II will not be entitled to any credit transfer on the basis of previous qualifications attained prior to their admission to the University. Instead, students may be granted exemption from specific courses based on prior study. Credit units are not earned for an exempted course.
  3. Individual academic units may seek exemption from the above credit requirement, with Senate approval.

For a bachelor's degree with a normal study duration longer than 4 years, the minimum credit units for graduation and the maximum credit units for the degree shall be approved by the Senate based on individual programme needs.

Please click Degree Requirements to read more about the requirements for each component and details of the majors/minors/courses offered.

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