Direct Application

Application Procedures

  •   Step 4: Apply online

     Demo on online applications

    To submit an application online, create an application account, select a programme and fill out the application.

    You can submit additional applications if you wish to apply for more than one programme. If you receive more than one admission offer from the University, the acceptance of a later offer will supersede the acceptance of any earlier offer(s). Note that, you can only have one accepted admission offer at any one time.

  •   Step 5: Declare local or non-local status

    Non-local applicants are persons who require a student visa/entry permit issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department to study in Hong Kong. Persons holding a HONG KONG PERMANENT IDENTITY CARD, a dependant visa or a full-time employment visa/work permit (for part-time study) issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department are NOT considered non-local applicants. If you need further advice on visa requirements, please consult the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

  •   Step 6: Complete all required sections and upload supporting documents

    Please ensure that all required sections (including the supplementary form if needed) are completed online. Upload the supporting documents (e.g., academic transcripts, predicted IB/GCEAL/IAL grades, IELTS/TOEFL scores, public exam results if available) at the same time to avoid delaying the evaluation of your application.

  •   Step 7: Pay the application fee

    The application fee for local applicants is HK$200 per programme. Payment must be made using a credit card (Visa or Master Card) through the online application system.

    You are only required to pay the prescribed application fee, not any other fees, to the University to submit your application for assessment.

  •   Step 8: Check your application status

    You can access your application account with the electronic ID and password created at the time of application. Through your application account, you can check your application result, upload your supporting documents and update the following:

    • postal address, email address and telephone number
    • 'pending' grades in the 'Public Examinations' section
    • your latest overall GPA or current mark in your post-secondary studies in the 'Post-Secondary Education' section

Can you submit a direct application to CityU if you are a JUPAS applicant?
If you have applied for admission through JUPAS, you should NOT submit another application to the University for any programmes listed under JUPAS. Otherwise, your direct application to the University will not be considered and any application fee paid will NOT be refunded. You may, however, still submit a direct application to the University for non-government funded programmes that are not offered through JUPAS.

When will the application result be announced?
Admission offers for local applicants are usually made from January to July. Offers to non-local applicants may be issued earlier. The selection process is normally completed by the end of June for non-local applicants, and by the end of July for local applicants.

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