Department of Management Sciences (options: BBA Business Analysis, BBA Business Operations Management)

Year of Entry 2018
Mode of Funding Government funded
Admission Code 1006
Department of Management Sciences (options: BBA Business Analysis, BBA Business Operations Management)
Mode of Study Full time
Indicative Intake Target
Direct Application Places (Local Students) :

16 for the Department of Management Sciences

Non-Local Students Places : Please click here for details.
Normal Duration of Programme 4 years
Tuition Fee Click here for more information
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Remark: For JUPAS applicants, the programme code is JS1006

Department of Management Sciences

The Department of Management Sciences (MS) is a multi-disciplinary department consisting of two major areas of expertise: Business Analytics and Operations Management. Our faculty is made up of world-class scholars who earned their PhDs from the world's leading universities. Many of them maintain close relationships with the industry and government agencies through consultancy projects.

We have 59 on-going funded projects with total funds exceeding 25 million dollars, of which 29 were supported by the government.
The department is ranked 1st in the Asia-Pacific region and 23th in the world among Top Management Science Departments, based on publications in the most prestigious business academic journals (2012-2016).

In addition to being outstanding researchers, we are caring and dedicated lecturers who believe that our students are the Department's most valuable assets, and our graduates are our most significant contribution to society. We are proud that our graduates are highly successful and in great demand by employers.

學系提供兩個主修課程。商業分析課程運用數據分析方法及電腦軟件幫助企業取得更好的業績。學生將修讀商業統計、商務智能、風險管理、運用Excel VBA及SAS軟件進行商業分析等主修課程,以及經濟金融定量分析,市場營銷定 量分析等選修課程;而商業營運管理課程是一門關於如何有效地監督、設計和管理在生產時所需要資源及流程的課程。本課程的核心科目涵蓋營運知識, 個案研究以及管理技巧。其次,本課程的選修科目橫跨銀行及金融業營運,貿易及供應鏈管理,零售及款待管理,和決策工具等範疇。此外,本課程亦包括實習科目,例如:公司實習和公司項目研究等。本課程著重培育和裝備學生在畢業後投身業界成為商業顧問以及管理人材。

Admission Arrangements for Direct/Non-JUPAS Applicants

Applicants to this programme (admission code: 1006) will be considered for admission to first-year studies at the Department of Management Sciences. Students will enter a major (current major options: Business Analysis; Business Operations Management) after one year of study. The top 40% of students# will have a free choice of majors offered by the Department. The other 60% of students will be allocated a major within the Department, subject to the availability of places and the selection criteria set by individual majors. Please click here for details.

# based on CGPA with no failed grades and completion of at least 30 credit units including College/Department required courses

Applicants seeking advanced standing entry can submit an application for the following programmes:

  • BBA Business Analysis (admission code: 1186A)
  • BBA Business Operations Management (admission code: 1030A)

Click here for the qualifications eligible for advanced standing entry.

Entrance Requirements for Direct/Non-JUPAS Applicants

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements.

First-Year Curriculum

Subject Area

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Units

Gateway Education

GE1401, GE2402/EL0200

(a) University English, English for Business Communication OR English for Academic Purposes
(depending on students' language background)


GE courses

(b) Gateway Education courses


College Core


Introduction to Financial Accounting
Operations Management
Information Management




Students admitted with Advanced Standing will study a different curriculum. The curriculum structures of each major are available via following link:

For details of the programme's curriculum structure, please visit the Undergraduate Catalogue (Note: The catalogue for the 2017 cohort is for reference only. The 2018 catalogue will be published around July 2018.)

Major Curriculum

Please visit the following websites for the detailed curriculum:

Major Option(s) Currently Available (The University reserves the right to make changes to the major offerings.)