BBA Marketing

Year of Entry 2018
Mode of Funding Government funded
Admission Code 1007
BBA Marketing
Mode of Study Full time
Indicative Intake Target
Direct Application Places (Local Students) :

17 (Combined figure for programmes 1007 and 1119A)

Non-Local Students Places : Please click here for details.
Normal Duration of Programme 4 years
Programme Website Click here to open
Tuition Fee Click here for more information
Programme Leader
Dr Vincent FOK
DBA (University of South Australia)
+852 3442 7973 (Phone)
+852 3442 0346 (Fax)
General Enquiries
Admissions Tutor
Mr Alex THAM
MBA (University of Exeter)
+852 3442 7851 (Phone)
+852 3442 0346 (Fax)
Remark: For JUPAS applicants, the programme code is JS1007

Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing aspires to be internationally recognised as a leading academic force in training future marketing professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. The Department offers practice-orientated education using interactive teaching strategies. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing programme aims to equip student with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in marketing in the Internet age and to enhance students’ international exposure in the global world. The Department has the following distinctive features:

  • we are student and learning centred;
  • we focus on professional excellence;
  • we emphasise both breadth (regional and global knowledge, language proficiency, communication skills, interactive digital media knowledge and creative thinking) and depth (problem-solving capability, subject-area knowledge and effective decision-making tools) in marketing education;
  • we care about the whole person development of our students; and
  • we aim to develop mature and all-round business professionals with exposure to other disciplines and with a strong sense of social responsibility.

This Marketing major explores various areas of specialisation in marketing, and endows graduates with the ability to analyse critically, think sustainably, learn creatively and express themselves clearly and cogently. Apart from the College of Business’ core and specialised marketing major courses, the curriculum includes Gateway Education (GE) courses, College elective courses, language courses, a minor discipline and free electives to meet employers’ demands.

課程設計以實戰為本,首兩年主要必修內容涵蓋營銷原理、消費 者行為及營銷研究,修畢後學生可根據興趣在廣告宣傳、中國巿 場營銷及網絡營銷三個範疇中選修有關學科。學系舉辦「傑出學 生巿場顧問計劃」,讓學生透過專題研究掌握更多實戰經驗;學 系經常邀請巿場營銷領域的專才及商界領袖出席商業領袖論壇, 分享其巿場營銷心得及經驗。學系鼓勵學生作海外交流和參加比 賽,吸收多元經驗及擴闊視野。

Our Target

We help students to develop the ability to identify, understand and satisfy customers in various contexts through the acquisition of skills in marketing analysis, planning and implementation. This programme enables students to become effective marketing managers by equipping them with the necessary professional marketing knowledge.

Admission Arrangements for Direct/Non-JUPAS Applicants

Applicants to this programme (admission code: 1007) will be considered for admission to first-year studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing programme.

Applicants seeking advanced standing entry can submit an application for the following programme:

  • BBA Marketing (admission code: 1119A)

Click here for the qualifications eligible for advanced standing entry.

Entrance Requirements for Direct/Non-JUPAS Applicants

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements. Preference will be given to students with better proficiency in English in Level 4 or above in HKDSE English OR Grade D or above in HKALE Use of English OR IELTS overall band score of 6.5 or above. For further details of the admission and interview requirements, please contact the Department of Marketing.

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

First-Year Curriculum

Subject Area

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Units

Gateway Education

GE1401, GE2402/ EL0200

(a) University English, English for Business Communication OR English for Academic Purposes
(depending on students' language background)


GE courses

(b) Gateway Education courses


College Core


Introduction to Financial Accounting
Operations Management
Information Management




For details of the programme’s curriculum structure, please visit the ‘Undergraduate Catalogue’. (Note: The catalogue for the 2017 cohort is for reference only. The 2018 catalogue will be published around July 2018.)


What You Will Be Studying

Major courses:

  • Advanced Marketing Seminar
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • E-Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Marketing
  • China Business Workshop

Start Your Career Here

Careers in marketing are exciting and rewarding and most graduates are expected to eventually become members of the top management. Careers in this field are suited to those who like to work in teams and formulate strategies for company growth. Marketing comprises many facets and activities and graduates will find many opportunities in marketing.

We will prepare you for entry-level managerial positions in marketing. Equipped with a firm theoretical background, excellent communication and analytical skills and a thorough understanding of local and global business practices, you will be a highly popular candidate in the field. We will also help to build your confidence in facing business challenges in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the global market.

Bonus Features

Practical Training with Solid Theoretical Foundation

We emphasise learning through studying current issues in marketing. We organise activities such as Business Leader Forums and Company Consultancy Projects to give students practical training opportunities. Renowned business leaders are invited to share their experiences and success stories with our students. In addition, every student has a chance to work with a real company and act as a Marketing Consultant. Our past company partners include Coca-Cola, 7-Eleven, Watsons, Pocari Sweat, The Link, Fortress, Hung Fook Tong, Wellcome, Sun Hung Kei Financial and Wilson Communications.

Fruitful University Life

We stress interactions between teachers and students, and among students, inside and outside the classroom. We organise various extra-curricular activities to enrich students’ horizons and extend their professional networks. Our students are encouraged to spend at least one semester as an exchange student at one of our partner universities. We also organise activities such as study tours, a Strategic Marketing Committee, Career Development Camp and internships.

Caring and Support

We care about our students’ studies, personal growth and career planning. We organise various activities including career workshops, company visits, student mentoring programmes and dinner with the programme leader.

Did You Know?

Mr Kunal Parwani, who graduated in 2010 and is now Associate Director and Regional Implementation Lead of the Global Banking & Markets division at HSBC, India, said that “the Marketing programme equipped me with more than the necessary skill-sets and knowledge to embark on an illustrious career. The plethora of opportunities, both academic and co-curricular, coupled with unfailing support and guidance from the Department’s renowned academics, create a platform on which ambitious students can excel and realise their dreams”.