BSocSc Social Work

Year of Entry 2017
Mode of Funding Government funded
Admission Code 1303
Mode of Study Full time
Normal Duration of Programme 3 years (for Advanced Standing I); 2 years (for Advanced Standing II)
Tuition Fee Click here for more information
Major Leader
Dr Chow Oi Wah, Esther
MSW (HKU), PhD (HKU), Hong Kong; BA (Hons.) (Concordia U), Canada; Master of Narrative Therapy & Community Work (Melbourne & Dulwich), Australia; Remotivation Therapy (HK Remotivation Therapy Association), Hong Kong; Registered Social Worker (Hong Kong)
General Enquiries

Our Target

This major is designed for young adults wishing to pursue a career in social work, a helping profession that promotes human and community well-being, underpinned by a commitment to uphold human dignity, social justice and social changes. The programme produces social work practitioners who are competent, reflective, and ethical in professional practice.

Start Your Career Here

Upon graduation, you will have the competence to practise as a professionally qualified social worker in a variety of settings through which human services are delivered (e.g. social services agencies, schools and health care institutions); work in the field of human resources (e.g. customer service and staff training); or pursue further studies in social work or related fields (e.g. psychology and education). You will also be eligible to apply for social work positions as a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in government and non-government organisations.

Entrance Requirements for Direct/Non-JUPAS Applicants

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the Genearl Entrance Requirements.

An admission interview is required for applicants to the Social Work major. Interview priority will be given to applicants who have exhibited promising performance in public examinations and/or extra-curricular activities. A reference from your school principal supporting your academic and non-academic performance and providing evidence of your personal qualities, community participation and sustained involvement in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are desirable to support your application.

For senior-year (Advanced Standing II) admission, applicants are normally expected to have completed an Associate Degree/Higher Diploma in Social Work with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of ≥3.0 or an equivalent overall mark, or a credit award.

HKDSE students will apply through JUPAS. They may select this major after the first year of study in the Department of Applied Social Sciences 
(JS1101, first-year studies). For details, click here.

What You Will Be Studying

This major enables students to evaluate and align their personal values with the value base of the social work profession, and to acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and competence in reflective professional practice. Upon successful completion of this major, student should be able to:

  • evaluate and align their personal values with the value base of the profession and its ethical standards and principles, and practise accordingly;
  • integrate the liberal arts perspective that enriches understanding of the person-in-environment context of professional practice with critical analysis and assessment of interpersonal, bio-psycho-social, cultural and environmental factors;
  • explain the use of comparative theories of working with individuals and families, groups, organisations and communities;
  • use communication skills differentially and creatively across client populations, colleagues and communities;
  • apply the knowledge and skills of generalist social work practice with systems of all sizes and integrate new ideas into practice;
  • demonstrate the skills to practice without discrimination, with respect and knowledge of clients’ characteristics, cultural beliefs and contexts;
  • apply critical thinking skills within the context of professional social work practice;
  • describe the forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination and apply advocacy and social change strategies that advance social and economic justice;
  • conduct research studies and evaluate and apply research findings to provide creative solutions to practice within the community, with an aim to engage in evidence-based practice; and
  • demonstrate knowledge, understanding and competence in practice through reflection to accomplish discovery and innovation in social work practice.

Based on its learning objectives, this major has the following main components:

  • College Core Courses
  • Social Work Core Courses
  • Social Work Elective Courses
  • Concurrent Practicum

Please refer to the Departmental homepage for further details on these courses:


For details of the programme’s curriculum structure, please visit the Undergraduate Catalogue. (Note: The catalogue for the 2016 cohort is for reference only. The 2017 catalogue will be published around July 2017.)

Professional Recognition

Graduates are qualified to register with the Social Workers Registration Board as Registered Social Workers (RSW). This qualification is recognised by the majority of societies throughout the world.

Bonus Features

  • The Hong Kong Bank Foundation has donated HKD 250,000 to full-time undergraduate social work students of City University of Hong Kong under the HSBC Social Work Scholarship Scheme starting from 2015.
  • Students with the best performance will be jointly awarded scholarships by CityU and the University of Houston (UH) to study at the UH Graduate School of Social Work for a semester. Credits earned at UH and CityU will qualify students to pursue a Master's degree at UH.
  • Access to a rich array of co-curricular activities, such as student exchanges, summer internships, study tours, volunteer services and other whole person development activities.
  • Opportunities to work alongside teachers in research and action learning projects locally or overseas.
  • Minor studies in psychology, applied sociology and criminology are offered to students within the Department.
  • Minor studies in disciplines outside the Department are also offered to students.

Did You Know?

Over the past 10 years:

  • Seven colleagues at the Department have won the Teaching Excellence Award in the University on eight occasions; two Social Work colleagues also won the UGC Teaching Excellence Award in 2013 and 2014, respectively.
  • Four Social Work colleagues and two Psychology and one Counselling colleague won the CLASS’ Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award in 2013 and 2014, respectively.
  • Two social work students, one won the Champion, 2016 Disocvery Enriched Curriculum DEC (individual) competition, and another won the First Runner-up Award in the DEC Competition held by CLASS in 2016 and 2015 respectively.
  • Eight of our Social Work graduates have won the Outstanding Social Workers Award, four of whom were winners of the Junior Outstanding Social Workers Award. The event was organised by the Hong Kong Social Workers’ Association.
  • The Department has sponsored over 300 students in cross-cultural learning programmes and internships outside Hong Kong;
  • More than twenty students who studied under the exchange programme at the University of Houston have been granted scholarships to pursue a Master in Social Work.
  • Ninety-four students have received scholarships to study overseas under the Academic Exchange Programme.