BBA Marketing

Year of Entry 2018
Mode of Funding Government funded
Admission Code JS1007
BBA Marketing
Mode of Study Full time
Indicative Intake Target
JUPAS and non-JUPAS government-funded places : 84
Normal Duration of Programme 4 years
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Programme Leader
Dr Vincent FOK
DBA (University of South Australia)
+852 3442 7973 (Phone)
+852 3442 0346 (Fax)
General Enquiries
Admissions Tutor
Mr Alex THAM
MBA (University of Exeter)
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Programme Brochure

Why BBA Marketing

BBA Marketing develops students’ into good team leaders who are presentable, be able to identify opportunities and solve problems creatively. Careers in marketing are exciting and rewarding and most graduates are expected to eventually become members of the top management.


  • 互動的學習環境
  • 互聯網有關的學習案例
  • 國際體驗機會
  • 企業咨詢經驗,包括貝兒、朗豪坊、羅技、eBay、大冢製藥株式會社、香港航空、斯納普果汁、太古資源、佳得樂與百事公司

Why BBA Marketing at CityU College of Business?

  1. CityU BBA Marketing program not only provides students with interactive, internet-related learning environment and international exposures, but also the practical opportunities to address real business issues by working collaboratively with global and local companies and peers. Students are often able to combine classroom learning with on-site internships by working in top companies. CityU BBA Marketing is your best choices to set you apart from other marketing graduates in the industry.
  2. College of Business is among the top 3 business schools in Asia (
  3. Entrance scholarships up to HK$265,000 for elite students (
  4. Students with non-weighted 4 core and 2 best elective scores at or above 28 are guaranteed with free switching of BBA majors by the end of year 1 (
  5. Students with non-weighted 4 core and 2 best elective scores at or above 30 are guaranteed with free choice of 2nd BBA major by the end of year 1 (
  6. Overseas exchange and summer programmes in over 200 partner universities around the globe! (
  7. Over 80% of students secured local and global internship opportunities in different areas, including banks, accounting firms, IT companies and consulting companies.

Career Prospects

Marketing careers are not only exciting and rewarding, but also leading to top management positions. Marketing is the best field for people who like working in teams and formulating strategies for company growth.

We will prepare you for entry-level managerial positions in marketing. Equipped with a firm theoretical background, excellent communication and analytical skills and a thorough understanding of local and global business practices, you will be a highly popular candidate in the field. We will also help to build your confidence in facing business challenges in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the global market.

The first networking and learning activity jointly organized by Department of Marketing and the CityU Department of Marketing Alumni Association, ProLink, was successfully held on 20 February 2016 in Academic 3, CityU. In total, 37 students and 11 alumni attended the event.

This time, we invited Mr. Spencer Wong, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of McCann & Spencer, to share his experience in the Advertising and Media industry with the participants.  Refreshments were arranged after the talk to provide a platform for students and alumni to network with each other and the guest speaker.

Entrance Requirements for JUPAS Applicants

JUPAS Catalogue No. and Title
Minimum Level Required
Eng. Lang. Chi. Lang. Mathematics Liberal Studies
Elective SubjectsNotes
Elective 1
Elective 2
BBA Marketing
Level 3 Level 3 Level 3 Level 2 Level 3 Level 3

- Mathematics extended modules (M1/M2) and “other languages” (at grade E or above) can be used to meet the elective requirement. If students take both M1 and M2, they are counted as one subject only.
- Applied Learning subjects are not counted as elective subjects.
- For details of the alternative Chinese Language qualifications acceptable by the University for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students, please visit

For details, please visit:

A Different Learning Experience

Company Consultancy Project
We emphasize learning from current issues in Marketing and provide ample learning opportunities for students to gain professional competence and create their own success stories.  Our students work as the professional company consultants and their tasks involve understanding consumer buying behaviour, analysing key competitors and formulating creative and cost-effective marketing strategies so as to explore new business opportunities.

Past Co-operations

2016 – Swire Foods Holdings Limited 太古食品控股有限公司 and Dongguan Yishion Group Co Ltd 東莞巿以純集團有限公司
2015 – Swire Foods Holdings Limited 太古食品控股有限公司
2014 – Shenzhen ACTO Culture Technology Group 深圳雅圖文化科技集團
2013 – Xiao Nan Guo Holdings Limited 小南國
2012 – Shenzhen Good Family Enterprise Co. Ltd. 深圳市好家庭實業有限公司
2011 – Shenzhen Yitian Real Estate Group Co. Ltd. 深圳市益田集團股份有限公司
2010 – Essence Securities Co. Ltd. 安信証券股份有限公司
2009 – A. Best Chain Store Co. Ltd. 新一佳超市有限公司
2008 – Shenzhen Helu Catering Management Co. Ltd. 深圳禾綠回轉壽司飲食有限公司
2007 – Shenzhen Splendid China Development Co. Ltd. 深圳錦繡中華發展有限公司
2006 – Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World 深圳小梅沙海洋世界
2005 – Shenzhen Changjiang Furniture Co. Ltd. 深圳長江家具有限公司
2004 – Noposion Pesticides Co. Ltd. 深圳諾普信農化股份有限公司

The Company Consultancy Projects are well recognized in the industry and widely reported by various media.  All the participating corporations highly commend the students for their creativity and presentation skills.  Every year, many outstanding students have received the “Company Consultancy Project Awards” from corporations for their innovative strategies and contributions.


Internship Program
Our students gain rich work experience through internship programs. Students join internship programs including the Disney Cultural Exchange and the Business Practice Internships organized by the College of Business, and enjoy numerous opportunities offered to them in prominent advertising firms and in the marketing department of global brands.


Business Leader Forum
To provide students with a more concrete and in-depth understanding of the real business environment, we invite marketing professionals and business leaders regularly from different sectors to share their unique work experience and success stories to students. Dinner gatherings with the speakers are arranged to provide students with valuable opportunities to interact with business leaders. Past guest speakers include Mr. Wing-Ching Shih (Founder of Centraline Property Agency Limited), Ms. Ming Chan (General Manager of Hong Kong Airline), Ms. Lily Au (Managing Director of General Mills Hong Kong and Taiwan), etc.

Alumni Sharing

Adam Lau Kong-sing 劉港城
BBA in China Business, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Heycoins
工商管理學士(中國企業管理),Heycoins 首席營銷官和聯合創辦人

Mr. Kunal Parwani
Head of Business Risk and Internal Controls, Commercial Banking, HSBC Singapore

“The Marketing Program has equipped me with more than the necessary skill-sets and knowledge to embark on an illustrious career. The plethora of opportunities, in both academic and co-curricular respects, coupled with unfailing support and guidance from the Department’s renowned academics, has built a platform on which ambitious students can excel and realize their dreams.”

Mr. Vincent Ha
Nimbus Insight Limited

“I really enjoyed the courses in CityU Marketing and the lecturers were very good at both equipping us with the necessary knowledge in business and marketing and helping us to plan our careers. The most impressive thing about this program is that all students have the chance to practice marketing skills in the real business would during the final year projects. It was a valuable experience, during which we worked with senior executives from multinational corporations. I am proud to be an alumnus of CityU Marketing.”

Ms. Sherry Cheung
Managing Director
Ad Hoc Marketing Communication Limited

“Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone in Department of Marketing. In the program, professors and lecturers inspired me much on entrepreneurship, creativity and business ethics. Equipped with all those, apart from my first business, marketing agency for 13 years, I started my second business in sustainable education, kids soccer training and now as the Principal of the school.”

Co-curricular Activities and Learning Support

Overseas Summer Programmes

Students may participate in English immersion courses, which include components such as volunteer placements, homestays and cultural activities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. Service Learning participants also provide voluntary services in less developed areas such as the Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Laos.

Young Scholars Programme

To nurture BBA students to become outstanding future leaders in the region/world, our Young Scholars Programme offers the following:

  • overseas exposure during semester breaks, including study trips to renowned companies and universities;
  • internship placements in multinational companies to be arranged locally or overseas;
  • networking with top business students admitted locally and overseas;
  • professional mentorships provided by professors and professional practitioners; and
  • cultivation of social responsibility through community services and voluntary work.

Major Curriculum

Please visit the website for the detailed curriculum.