Special Admissions Scheme - 
Advanced Standing Entry to Government-funded Bachelor's Degree Programmes for AD/HD Graduates (for 2018 entry)


What is the Special Admissions Scheme (SAS)?

With a view to providing study opportunities for students with Associate Degree (AD)/Higher Diploma (HD) qualifications, the University introduced the Special Admissions Scheme (SAS) in Year 2000. 

Applicants of the SAS route will be granted advanced standing upon successful admission, leading to a reduction in the number of credit units required to obtain a Bachelor's degree.

For 2018 entry, around 1,400 places are available for senior-year (Advanced Standing II) admission to government-funded Bachelor's degree programmes.

Who is eligible to apply for admission under the SAS?

To be eligible to apply for senior-year (Advanced Standing II) admission under the SAS, you must be a final-year graduating student or a graduate of an AD/HD programme recognised by the University. 

There are no CGPA or overall mark requirements for the purpose of application. However, as competition for admission is keen, accepted applicants are normally expected to have completed the AD/HD award with a CGPA of ≥3.0 or equivalent overall mark, or a credit award. Individual programmes may set a higher requirement.

For final-year AD/HD students, offers of admission will be conditional upon the successful attainment of the AD/HD award, with a specified CGPA, overall mark or award classification, if deemed appropriate.

Senior-year (Advanced Standing II) admission is only available to local students*.

*If you need a student visa to study in Hong Kong, you will be classified as a non-local student and will not be considered for Advanced Standing II admission.

Which programmes accept applications under the SAS?

Before you apply, check the list of government-funded programmes that accept applications under the SAS. 

How does the SAS work for senior-year entrants?

A key feature of the SAS is the award of advanced standing, in recognition of prior studies, upon admission.

Senior-year entrants will receive Advanced Standing II, enabling them to complete their studies with a minimum of 60 credit units (instead of 120 credit units in a standard four-year curriculum), subject to the requirements of individual degrees/majors. No credit transfer will be considered for advanced standing entrants. Instead, they may be granted an exemption from specific courses based on prior study. Credit units are not earned for an exempted course.

Will Associate Degree/Higher Diploma graduates be considered for Advanced Standing I admission?

AD/HD graduates who are unable to gain admission to a senior-year (Advanced Standing II) place may be considered for Advanced Standing I entry. The minimum graduation requirement for Advanced Standing I students is 90 credit units (instead of 120 credit units in a standard four-year curriculum), subject to the requirements of individual degrees/majors.

When is the application period?

Applications for 2018 entry are accepted from 28 September 2017 onward. Please click here for the government-funded programmes offered under the Special Admissions Scheme and the application deadlines for individual programmes.

Applicants who submit applications before 15 November 2017 may receive early offers. Applicants who do not receive early offers will be considered together with other applicants of the regular round.

When will the application result be announced?

Most admission offers are made between January and July. The selection process is normally completed by the end of July.


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