Visiting Students - Undergraduate Courses

Applicants who do not wish to pursue a full programme of study at the University may apply for admission as visiting students to attend selected course(s) and take the assessment(s) as defined in the programme scheme. Visiting students will only be admitted if the relevant course-offering units are satisfied with their academic suitability for the course(s) applied for, and if there are places available on the course(s). Acceptance as a visiting student does not guarantee subsequent admission to a specific programme.

  •   Medium of Instruction

    The University’s medium of instruction and assessment is English, unless otherwise specified for a particular course.

  •   Certification of Study

    Visiting students can apply for a testimonial or an academic transcript at Academic Regulations and Records Office.

  •   Course Information and Class Schedule

    • Courses with codes starting with 1, 2, 3 or 4 (e.g., GE 1111, CS2114, AIS2012, MA4152) are undergraduate courses.
    • The respective academic departments decide which courses will accept applications from visiting students. The list of courses accepting such applications may vary from semester to semester.
    • Course offerings may change due to under-enrolment, staff changes and other factors. The University reserves the right to alter the published course list without prior notice.
      •  for the list of courses available to visiting students for Semester A 2023/24
      •  for the list of courses available to visiting students for Semester B 2023/24
      •  for the list of courses available to visiting students for Summer Term 2024
      • The class schedule of courses for 2023/24 will be published around July 2023. For reference, please click here for the class schedule of courses offered in 2022/23 (explanations on Master Class Schedule Terminology).
      • Please note that regular students will be given priority in course registration. There is no guarantee that applications from visiting students will be considered for the courses listed, particularly for professional courses such as accountancy and law.

  •   Tuition Fees (Subject to Annual Review)

    Tuition fees are charged on a credit basis, with each course normally carrying three credit units. The fees for courses offered at the Bachelor’s degree level are as follows.

    Local Applicants (HK$) Non-Local Applicants (HK$)
    HK$2,800 per credit HK$4,000 per credit

    Upon acceptance of an offer of admission, applicants will be required to pay the tuition fees in full. Tuition fees are usually non-refundable and non-transferable.

    The University reserves the right to cancel any course, in which case any tuition fees paid will be refunded.

  •   Application Period

    Each academic year comprises Semester A, Semester B and a Summer Term.

    Applications must be received by the University on or before the application deadline as follows.

    Application Period
    Non-local Applicants*
    Local Applicants
    15 April 2023 to 15 May 2023 15 April 2023 to 15 July 2023 for admission in Semester A 2023/24
    (4 September 2023 to 23 December 2023)
    1 September 2023 to 15 October 2023 1 September 2023 to 1 December 2023 for admission in Semester B 2023/24
    (15 January 2024 to 13 May 2024)
    15 January 2024 to 15 February 2024 15 January 2024 to 3 April 2024 for admission in Summer Term 2024
    (11 June 2024 - 10 August 2024)

    * Please refer to Points to Note for Non-local Applicants below.

  •   Application Procedures

    To apply, please download and complete the application form (requires Adobe Reader).

    The application fee is HK$400 per application (subject to annual review). Up to 10 courses can be included in each application. After an application has been submitted, any additional courses (even if the original application includes fewer than 10 courses) will require a new application and fee payment. You are only required to pay the prescribed application fee, not any other fees in connection with your application. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Application forms should be sent to the Admissions Office (5/F, Fong Yun-wah Building, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong) with the following documents.

    1. Proof of application fee payment (the original ATM advice/CityU copy of the deposit form or bank draft) if payment is not made by credit card.
    2. Certified true copies of academic transcripts or certificates relevant to your application. Submitted documents will not be returned. Transcripts and certificates in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official certified translation.

    Please visit the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Notice which may apply to you, where applicable.

    Methods of Application Fee Payment

    1. Local applicants:
      • by ATM transfer to CityU's Hang Seng Bank account (account number 293-318028-003); or
      • by Visa or MasterCard (complete the "Application Fee" section of the application form); or
      • by obtaining a deposit form from the Admissions Office and paying in cash at any Hang Seng Bank branch.
    2. Applicants residing outside Hong Kong:
      • by Visa or MasterCard (complete the "Application Fee" section of the application form); or
      • by bank draft payable to 'City University of Hong Kong' (if you submit more than one application, a bank draft for the total fee amount is acceptable).

    Please DO NOT send personal cheques or cash.

  •   Use of Application Information

    Application information, including your HKID card/passport number, will be used in the admission evaluation process. Upon your enrolment in the University, such information will become part of your student record and may be used for any purposes relating to your study in accordance with University procedures.

    In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right of access to and correction of the information contained in your application, as well as the right to request a copy of such data. If you wish to obtain more information, please write to the Admissions Office. You may be charged a fee for each request.

    The application data of unsuccessful applications and unenrolled applicants will be destroyed at the end of the admission exercise.

  •   Rules and Obligations

    The studies of visiting students are governed by the University's Academic Regulations.

    Upon completion of their studies, students are required to settle any loans/fines with the relevant departments/offices of the University and to return their student ID cards to the Academic Regulations and Records Office.

  •   Withdrawal of Study

    A visiting student who wishes to discontinue his/her study should send a written notification and return his/her student identity card to the Academic Regulations and Records Office. Tuition fees will not be refunded for any reason.

  •   Points to Note for Non-Local Students

    • Non-local students are persons who require a student visa/entry permit issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department to study in Hong Kong. Students who were issued a dependant visa/entry permit at age 18 or above are also regarded as non-local students. Please click here for details about the definition of local and non-local students.
    • Non-local students must obtain a student visa/entry permit before coming to Hong Kong to study. For information on visa applications, please consult the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department at For assistance with student visa sponsorship and information on applying for such a visa, please visit the website of the Global Engagement Office.
    • It normally takes 6 weeks or longer to process a student visa application. You are advised to apply well in advance to ensure that your visa is issued before the start of your visiting study.
    • Due to visa restrictions, non-local visiting students are required to undertake a full-time study load ≥ 12 credits (i.e., at least four courses of three credit units each) in Semester A or B and at least six but no more than seven credit units in the Summer Term (i.e., at least two courses of three credit units each). Once an admission offer has been made and accepted by a non-local applicant, any change of credit load to fewer than 12 credit units (fewer than 6 credit units for the Summer Term) is normally not permitted.
    • It is MANDATORY for all non-local students to have suitable and adequate insurance which should include but not limited to travel, personal accident, medical expenses (accident and non-accident), hospitalization and emergency evacuation / repatriation throughout the entire period of their studies in Hong Kong. Students should arrange their own insurance before coming to Hong Kong. If they are not able to do so or would like to have additional coverage, they may enrol in the CityU-contracted insurance plan. For more information, please visit the website of the Global Engagement Office.
    • Visiting students are expected to prepare and arrange their own accommodation before their arrival in Hong Kong. For more information regarding off-campus accommodation options, please visit:

  •   Enquiries

    Admission Applications Course Offerings and Timetable Student Visa & Non-local Student Matters
    Admissions Office Academic Regulations and Records Office Global Engagement Office
    Tel: (852) 3442-9094
    Fax: (852) 3442-0266
    Online Enquiry Form:
    Tel: (852) 3442-2300
    Fax: (852) 3442-0270
    Tel: (852) 3442-8089
    Fax: (852) 3442-0223
    E-mail: (For general enquiries); (For student visa application enquiries)


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