Admission Arrangements for Bachelor's Degree Programmes
(2022 Entry for Non-local Students)

Admission to First-Year Studies 

Depending on the programme, applicants seeking first-year admission are either admitted directly to a major or to a school/department with an undeclared major (select a major at the end of Semester B). For details, please refer to the relevant programme webpages.

Students who wish to be considered for the Joint Bachelor's Degree programmes must be enrolled in a 4-year degree programme of the majors concerned. For details of the eligibility criteria, please click here.

Admission with Advanced Standing I  (Video ) 

Students with a recognised qualification may be admitted to the University with advanced standing. Eligibility for advanced standing is linked to curriculum and graduation requirements.

Students admitted with Advanced Standing I (non-senior year) must achieve a minimum of 90 credit units for graduation, subject to the requirements of individual degrees/majors, and the maximum number of credit units completed should not exceed 114.

Students admitted with Advanced Standing will not be entitled to credit transfer on the basis of qualifications attained prior to their admission to the University. Instead, students may be granted exemption from specific courses based on prior study. Credit units are not earned for exempted courses. Advanced standing entry is not available for some programmes. 

Click here for details about the curriculum requirements of Advanced Standing I students.