Curriculum Structure of Bachelor's Degree Programmes

In our normative 4-year undergraduate curriculum, the minimum graduation requirement is 120 credit units subject to the requirement of individual colleges/schools. Students have the flexibility to enrich their studies with double degrees/majors or a minor to prepare for the challenges in the globalized community. Our 4-year undergraduate curriculum comprises the following components:

  Credit Requirements
Gateway Education 30 credit units
College/School Requirement 54 - 72* credit units (Major ≥ 27 credit units)
Home Major
Minor (optional) 15 - 18 credit units
Free Electives Remainder to fulfil the credit requirements for graduation, if necessary
Minimum Credit Units for Graduation 120 credit units, depending on major

* Exceeding 72 credit units requires Senate's approval.


Students are also required to fulfil the English language and Chinese language requirements, and may be required to take additional language courses depending on their entry qualification in English/Chinese.

For a bachelor's degree with a normal study duration longer than 4 years, the minimum credit units for graduation and the maximum credit units for the degree shall be approved by the Senate based on individual programme needs.

Please click Degree Requirements to read more about the requirement of each component, or you can directly browse through the webpages for the majors/minors/courses that you are interested in.