Flexible Admission Arrangement for JUPAS Applicants

JUPAS applicants who have attained the “4+2” score specified by individual Colleges / Schools but whose result in only one core subject is one grade below the level required for programme admission may still have the opportunity to gain a place at CityU. The score requirements (4 core + 2 elective subjects) for 2022 entry are as follows:

Colleges / Schools / Department / Programme Minimum score required#
College of Engineering 25
College of Science 25
School of Data Science 25
School of Energy and Environment 25
College of Business 26
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 26
School of Creative Media 26
School of Law 27
Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences Department of Biomedical Sciences 26
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Programme 32
# Scoring scale for HKDSE subjects:
  Level 5**=7; Level 5*=6; Level 5=5; Level 4=4; Level 3=3; Level 2=2; Level 1=1

To be eligible, students must list the relevant programmes in Band A choices and perform well in interviews. Students applying for the programmes offered by the College of Engineering should have good HKDSE results in two STEM-related subjects (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, extended modules of Mathematics (M1 or M2), Combined Science, Integrated Science, Information and Communication Technology, and Design and Applied Technology)


Last update date: 18 November 2021