JUPAS Programmes Offered by Colleges, Schools, Departments and Division (for 2019 Entry)

The 2019/20 Academic Year is the start of the 2019/2022 triennium for which UGC-funded programmes are still subject to the Government's and the Legislative Council's approval.

Student intake places shown on our webpages are indicative only and subject to change or confirmation at a later date.

Government-funded Bachelor's Degree Programmes                    

JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Title
College of Business 商學院
JS1000 BSc Computational Finance and Financial Technology
JS1001 BBA Global Business
JS1002 BBA Accountancy
JS1003 Department of Economics and Finance (options: BBA Business Economics, BBA Finance)
經濟及金融系 [選項:工商管理學士(商業經濟) 、工商管理學士(金融)]
JS1004 Department of Information Systems (options: BBA Global Business Systems Management, BBA Information Management)
資訊系統學系 [選項:工商管理學士(環球商業系統管理) 、工商管理學士(資訊管理)]
JS1005 BBA Management
JS1006 Department of Management Sciences (options: BBA Business Analysis, BBA Business Operations Management)
管理科學系 [選項:工商管理學士(商業分析) 、工商管理學士(商業營運管理)]
JS1007 BBA Marketing
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 人文社會科學院
JS1101 Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences (options: BSocSc Criminology and Sociology, BSocSc Psychology, BSocSc Social Work)
社會及行為科學系 [選項:社會科學學士(犯罪學及社會學) 、社會科學學士(心理學)、社會科學學士(社會工作)]
JS1102 BSocSc Asian and International Studies
JS1103 BA Chinese and History
JS1104 BA English
JS1105 Department of Linguistics and Translation (options: BA Linguistics and Language Applications, BA Translation and Interpretation)
翻譯及語言學系 [選項:文學士(語言學及語言應用) 、文學士(翻譯及傳譯)]
JS1106 Department of Media and Communication (options: BA Digital Television and Broadcasting, BA Media and Communication)
媒體與傳播系 [選項:文學士(數碼電視與廣播) 、文學士(媒體與傳播)]
JS1108 BSocSc Public Policy and Politics
College of Science and Engineering* 科學及工程學院*
JS1201 Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (options: BEng Architectural Engineering, BEng Civil Engineering, BSc Surveying)
建築學及土木工程學系 [選項:工學士(建築工程) 、工學士(土木工程)、理學士(測量學)]
JS1202 BSc Chemistry
JS1204 BSc Computer Science
JS1205 Department of Electronic Engineering (options: BEng Computer and Data Engineering, BEng Electronic and Communication Engineering, BEng Information Engineering)
電子工程學系 [選項:工學士(電子計算機及數據工程學) 、工學士(電子及通訊工程學) 、工學士(資訊工程學)]
JS1206 BSc Computing Mathematics
JS1207 Department of Mechanical Engineering (options: BEng Mechanical Engineering, BEng Nuclear and Risk Engineering)
機械工程學系 [選項:工學士(機械工程)、工學士(核子及風險工程)]
JS1208 BSc Applied Physics
JS1210 BEng Materials Science and Engineering
JS1211 BEng Biomedical Engineering#
Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences 賽馬會動物醫學及生命科學院
JS1203 Department of Biomedical Sciences (options: BSc Biological Sciences, BSc Biomedical Sciences)
生物醫學系 [選項:理學士(生物科學) 、理學士(生物醫學)]
JS1801 Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
School of Creative Media 創意媒體學院
JS1041 School of Creative Media (options: BA Creative Media, BSc Creative Media, BAS New Media)
創意媒體學院 [選項:文學士(創意媒體) 、理學士(創意媒體)、文理學士(新媒體)]
JS1042 BA Creative Media
JS1043 BSc Creative Media#
JS1044 BAS New Media
School of Data Science 數據科學學院
JS1071 School of Data Science (options: BSc Data Science, BEng Data and Systems Analytics)^
數據科學學理學士 [選項:理學士(數據科學) 、工學士(數據與系統分析)]^
JS1072 BSc Data Science
JS1073 BEng Data and Systems Analytics^
School of Energy and Environment 能源及環境學院
JS1051 School of Energy and Environment (options: BEng Energy Science and Engineering, BEng Environmental Science and Engineering)
能源及環境學院 [選項:工學士(能源科學及工程學) 、工學士(環境科學及工程學)]
School of Law 法律學院
JS1061 Bachelor of Laws

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* College of Science and Engineering will be restructured into "College of Science" and "College of Engineering", with effect from 1 January 2019.

# Cross-departmental programme

^ Subject to Senate approval


Government-funded Associate Degree Programmes

JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Title
Division of Building Science and Technology 建築科技學部
JS1091 Division of Building Science and Technology (options: ASc Building Services Engineering, ASc Construction Engineering and Management, ASc Surveying)
建築科技學部 [選項:理學副學士(屋宇裝備工程學) 、理學副學士(建造工程及管理學) 、理學副學士(測量學)]
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering 建築學及土木工程學系
JS1093 ASc Architectural Studies

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