BA Media and Communication


Academic Year of Entry 2022/23
Mode of Funding Government funded
Admission Code 1341A
Mode of Study Full time
Minimum No. of Credits Required 90 (for Advanced Standing I); 66 (for Advanced Standing II)
Normal Duration of Programme 3 years (for Advanced Standing I); 2 years (for Advanced Standing II)
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Programme Video

Programme Video

Our Target

This major aims to provide students with current knowledge of theories and practices of media and communication from an interdisciplinary perspective. It seeks to develop students' critical and creative abilities in discovering and understanding the processes and structure of media and communication in their daily lives. By comparing and contrasting real-world examples, students will be able to apply the relevant theories and appropriate methods to analyse the interplay between media and society in various contexts and at different levels. The integrated curriculum is also designed to provide opportunities and platforms for students to explore their potential as well-rounded professional in media-related fields.

Entrance Requirements for Direct/Non-JUPAS Applicants

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements.

For senior-year (Advanced Standing II) admission, applicants are normally expected to have completed an Associate Degree/Higher Diploma with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of ≥3.0 or an equivalent overall mark, or a credit award, AND to have attained at least Level 3 or above in HKDSE English Language and Chinese Language or an equivalent qualification.

Curriculum Structure

For details of the programme’s curriculum structure, please visit the ‘Undergraduate Catalogue(Note: The catalogue for the 2021 cohort is for reference only. The 2022 catalogue will be published around July 2022.)

What You Will Be Studying

1. Core Courses (27 credit units)

2. Electives (27 credit units)

Part A: Choose two courses (6 credit units) from the following courses

  • COM3107 Fundamentals of Persuasive Communication
  • COM3109 Media and Communication in Chinese Contexts
  • COM3117 Media, Communication and Public Opinion
  • COM3119 International Communication
  • COM4602 Topical Studies in Communication
  • COM4603 Professional Communication Internship

Part B: Choose seven courses (21 credit units) must be taken from the following electives

  • Three courses (9 credit units) must be writing related (COM2201, COM2502, COM3203, COM3211, COM3412, COM3413, COM4204, COM4205, COM4208, COM4306).
  • At least two courses (6 credit units) must be chosen from each of the following two streams. Two courses selected from the COM “Other Electives” can be taken in lieu of the stream requirements.
  • The same course can be used to satisfy both the writing and stream requirements.

Multimedia Journalism/Publishing Stream

  • COM2201 News Writing and Reporting
  • COM2502 Multimedia Authoring
  • COM3203 Digital and Data Journalism 
  • COM3209 Digital Photojournalism
  • COM3211 Business Journalism
  • COM3412 Advertising Production Design
  • COM3413 Writing for Public Relations
  • COM4204 News Feature Writing
  • COM4205 Advanced News Reporting
  • COM4208 Magazine Writing and Production
  • COM4210 Cross-Platform Publication Design and Layout
  • COM4306 Video News Reporting
  • COM4511 Social Media and Communication

Strategic Communication Stream

  • COM2401 Fundamentals of Advertising
  • COM2402 Principles of Public Relations
  • COM3404 Event Planning and Management
  • COM3406 Strategic Media Planning
  • COM3408 Integrated Strategic Communication
  • COM3411 Interactive Advertising
  • COM3505 Internet Content Management for Strategic Communication
  • COM3510 Digital e-Marketing Communication
  • COM4114 Crisis Communication
  • COM4207 Campaign Planning and Management
  • COM4414 Broadcast Advertising
  • COM4506 Multimedia Campaign

Other Electives 

  • COM2116 Audience Analytics and Media Strategies
  • COM2405 Communication and Marketing
  • COM3410 Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • COM4305 Current Affairs Documentary Production
  • COM4307 Video News Production and Anchoring
  • COM4308 Convergent Newsroom Practicum
  • COM4309 Radio News Production
  • AIS4025   Globalization and Socio-Cultural Changes
  • CAH3165 Creative Chinese
  • CAH3167 Chinese for Mass Media
  • CB2601    Marketing
  • CLA3100  Professional Internship I
  • MKT3603 Consumer Behaviour
  • POL3306 Organizational Behaviour for Public Management
  • POL3313 Governance in Asia
  • SS1101    Basic Psychology

Start Your Career Here

This major prepares students to become internationally oriented professionals with a broad knowledge of and integrated skills in media and communication industries, including advertising and public relations, multimedia publishing and journalism and creative information technology. Graduates are well positioned to pursue diverse careers in various public and private sectors.