Bachelor of Social Sciences in Criminology and Bachelor of Laws

社會科學學士(犯罪學) 與法律學學士

Academic Year of Entry 2023/24
Mode of Funding Government funded
Admission Code JS1123
Bachelor of Social Sciences in Criminology and Bachelor of Laws
Mode of Study Full time
Indicative Intake Target
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Normal Duration of Programme 5 years
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Remark: The 5th year of the double degree programme will be charged on a self-financing basis. For details, please refer to the above "Tuition Fee" hyperlink for reference.

School of Law

The School of Law aspires to be an internationally renowned centre for legal research and teaching in the Asia-Pacific region. The School’s mission is to provide students with an excellent education and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Through co-operation with other law schools and professional organisations, the School aims to foster an environment in which both students and staff can develop and use their legal knowledge, professional skills and expertise for the benefit of the entire Hong Kong community.

Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences

The Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences prides itself for a long track record in offering quality teaching in academic programmes delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of faculty members. The mission of the Department is to offer quality education and professional training in the disciplines of Applied Sociology, Counseling, Criminology, Psychology, and Social Work, excel in related research areas, and promote social justice and betterment of life.

Our Target

The double degree programme between the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Law aims to equip degree-level graduates with broad knowledge of criminology and laws; and professional competence to conduct criminological and legal research to solve problems in organizational, community, societal, national, and international contexts with a particular interest in protecting the public and maintaining Hong Kong as one of the safest cities in the world.


In particular with respect to the Law degree the major aims to:


a) provide a liberal education in the theory and practice of law at the level and rigour appropriate for an undergraduate degree;


b) equip students with a critical understanding of law and legal institutions so as to enable them to serve the needs of Hong Kong and the international community; and


c) facilitate the development of a range of intellectual skills, in particular the ability to think analytically and critically, to solve problems, and to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Entrance Requirements for JUPAS Applicants


To be considered for admission to the double degree programme, HKDSE students should achieve Level 5 or above in English Language and satisfy the minimum entrance requirements.

Curriculum Structure


Credit Units



Gateway Education


Distributional areas (12 credit units)

GE 1401 University English (3 credit units)

Discipline-specific GE English (3 credit units) -- GE2411 Legal English

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation (3 credit units)

College-specified courses (9 credit units)

Major Requirement


Core (39 credit units)
Electives (9 credit units)

Core (54 credit units)

Professional Qualification / Minor

12 /
15 - 18

12 credit units of four PCLL pre-requisite courses or

15 – 18 credit units for Other Minor

Free Elective

Remaining units

Any course




Start Your Career Here

Students will procure knowledge and skills necessary to undertake managerial and executive responsibilities in a wide range of professions, including policing, crime prevention, security services, correctional services, conflict resolution, and the operation of non-governmental organizations. Many opportunities will be provided for students to develop an interest in discovery and innovation to benefit society through crime control and reduction.

Professional Recognition

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree is a recognised qualification for admission to the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL), a prerequisite for entering the legal profession in Hong Kong.