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Entrance Requirements for HKDSE Students Starting from 2024 Entry


What's New for CityU's JUPAS Admissions in 2022?

  1. Establishment of Department of Public and International Affairs  

The University has approved the establishment of the new Department of Public and International Affairs (PIA) [公共及國際事務學系] with the merger of the Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS) and the Department of Public Policy (POL) as a strategic alliance under the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), effective from 1 August 2022. The Department will examine all aspects of public and international affairs in its education, research, and community engagement to prepare graduates to be the next generation of leaders who can work collaboratively and effectively across sectors, countries and cultures in a globalised world. Students will be provided with a vibrant academic environment that challenges them to think critically and creatively about local, regional, global and cultural-political challenges, use robust analytical skills to dissect problems and recommend societal improvements..​

  1. Flexible Admission Arrangement for JUPAS Applicants  

JUPAS applicants who attain excellent overall results but don't meet the programme admission requirements in one core subject may still have the opportunity to gain admission. For details, please click here.​

  1. New Programmes under JUPAS 2022 
  1. New Major Offerings

    Programme Code Programme Title New Major

    Department of Electrical Engineering (options: BEng Computer and Data Engineering, BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering, BEng Information Engineering, BEng Microelectronics Engineering)
    ​電機工程學院 [選項:工學士(電子計算機及數據工程學)、工學士(電子及電機工程學)、工學士(資源工程學)、工學士(微電子工程學)]

    BEng Microelectronics Engineering)

    JS1207 Department of Mechanical Engineering (options: BEng Aerospace Engineering, BEng Mechanical Engineering, BEng Nuclear and Risk Engineering)
    ​機械工程學院 [選項:工學士(航空航天工程)、工學士(機械工程)、工學士(核子及風險工程)]

    BEng Aerospace Engineering

  2. Revision to Programme Entrance Requirements

  1. Admission Score Calculation

    For 2022 entry, the admission score calculation is based on '4 core + 2 elective subjects', 'Best 6 subjects' or 'Best 5 subjects', depending on programmes.​

    For details of our score calculation process, plesae click here.​

  1. Joint Bachelor's Degree Programmes

    CityU has established partnerships with the following world-renowned universities to offer joint Bachelor's degree programmes.

  • Columbia University, US
  • ESSEC Business School, France
  • Leuphana University, Germany
  • National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • The University of Edinburgh, UK
  • The University of Manchester, UK

​On completion of the curriculum requirements of these joint degree programmes, students can earn two Bachelor's degrees (one from CityU, and the other from the partner university), normally within 4 years. CityU students who wish to be considered for joint degree programmes must be enrolled in 4-year degree programmes in the majors concerned. For details, click here.

  1. Talents Programme (HK TECH Tiger)

​​​To cater to the advanced learning needs of elite students and to enhance their competitiveness, HK TECH Tiger offers Joint Bachelor’s Degree Programme with Ivy League and other world-class universities including Columbia University, University of Edinburgh and University of Manchester and a customised curriculum in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Language and other high quality fundamental courses. Students can also pursue a master's degree at the University or at a world-renowned overseas university through our bachelor’s and master’s combination option. For details, please click here.


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Useful Information for JUPAS Applicants

  1. Admission Arrangements and Curriculum Structure

Admission Arrangements
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) students are admitted to first-year studies in a Bachelors degree programme. Depending on the programme, students are either admitted directly to a major in the first year or admitted to a college/school/department with an undeclared major (enter a major after one year of study).

Curriculum Structure

The minimum graduation requirement for a 4-year degree programme is 120 credit units, subject to the different requirements of individual colleges/schools. Students are allowed to graduate with a maximum of 144 credit units, with the flexibility to enrich their studies with double majors or minors. For details, please click here.

  1. Entrance Requirements

HKDSE applicants must fulfil the General Entrance Requirements of four core and two elective subjects for admission to the University. In addition to the General Entrance Requirements, some programmes have specific subject requirements. Click here for details of our entrance requirements. 

  1. JUPAS Programmes

For programmes offered by the University under JUPAS, please click here.

  1. Selection Criteria and Score Calculation for JUPAS admission

Selection criteria vary among programmes. Various types of admission scores are calculated to facilitate the selection of applicants for admission. For details, please visit the following webpages.           

Main Admission Scores: https://www.admo.cityu.edu.hk/jupas/assessment/bd
Score Calculator: https://www.admo.cityu.edu.hk/assessment/score_calculation/

  1. Interview Arrangements

The selection of students for interview is primarily based on application information [e.g., band choices, exam results (if available), Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions/Activities (OEA) and School Reference Reports].  Interviews are usually conducted during May to July.  For details of the interview arrangements, please click here.

  1. JUPAS Admissions Score Reference

For details of the admission scores of our past JUPAS entrants, please click here.

  1. JUPAS Guide 

The JUPAS website contains lots of useful information for JUPAS applicants. Click here for details. 





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