Teachers' Corner (JUPAS Admissions)

This webpage is specially designed for career teachers to advise students about JUPAS admissions.

What's new for 2019 CityU's JUPAS Admission?          

  1. New Programmes in 2019 JUPAS

    The following are new programmes offered in 2019 JUPAS. Please click the links below for programme information:

    JS1071 School of Data Science (options: BSc Data Science, BEng Data and Systems Analytics)*
    JS1072 BSc Data Science
    JS1073 BEng Data and Systems Analytics*
    JS1211 BEng Biomedical Engineering
    JS1801 Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine​​

             * Subject to Senate approval

  1. Revisions to Programme Entrance Requirements

  1. Admission Model for the School of Data Science

    For 2019 entry, applicants may apply to JS1071 for admission to the School of Data Science with an undeclared major (students have a free choice of majors after one year of study), or to JS1072 and JS1073 for entry to the major direct:

  1. Changes to Admission Score Calculation

    For 2019 entry, the admission score calculation is based on ‘4 core subjects + 2 elective subjects’, except for the following programme:

    • Department of Media and Communication (JS1106): Best 5 subjects

For some programmes, changes have also been made to the weightings applied to individual subjects.

For details of our score calculations, please click here.

New Programme Entrance Requirements for 2020 Entry 

The following programme will revise the entrance requirements in 2020 entry. For details, please click here.

  • JS1801 Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

About City University of Hong Kong          

City University of Hong Kong aspires to become a leading global university, excelling in research and professional education. We have performed strongly and consistently in global ranking exercises

Colleges and Schools

College of Business
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
College of Science and Engineering^
Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences
School of Creative Media
School of Data Science
School of Law
School of Energy and Environment
Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies

College of Science and Engineering will be restructured into "College of Science" and "College of Engineering", with effect from 1 January 2019.

Useful Information for JUPAS Applicants

  1. Admission Arrangements and Curriculum Structure

Admission Arrangements
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) students must apply for admission to first-year studies in a Bachelor's degree programme.  Depending on the programmes, students are either admitted directly to a major in the first year or admitted to a School/Department with an undeclared major (enter a major after one year of study).

Curriculum Structure

‘Discovery' and 'Innovation' is an integral part of our 4-year undergraduate Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) curriculum. The DEC has the goal of giving all our students the opportunity to make an original discovery while at City University. The minimum graduation requirement of a four-year degree programme is 120 credit units, subject to the requirement of individual colleges/schools. Students are allowed to graduate with a maximum of 144 credit units with the flexibility to enrich their studies with double majors or a minor. For details, click here.

  1. Entrance Requirements

HKDSE applicants must fulfil the General Entrance Requirements of four core and two elective subjects for admission to the University. In addition to the General Entrance Requirements, some programmes have specified subject requirements. For details of our entrance requirements, please visit the following web pages:

Bachelor's degree: https://www.admo.cityu.edu.hk/jupas/entreq/bd/
Associate Degree: https://www.admo.cityu.edu.hk/jupas/entreq/ad/

  1. JUPAS Programmes

For programmes offered by the University under JUPAS, please click here.

  1. Selection Criteria and Score Calculation for JUPAS admission

The selection criteria vary among programmes. Various types of admission scores are calculated to facilitate the selection of applicants for admission. For details, please refer to the following web pages:            

Bachelor's degree: https://www.admo.cityu.edu.hk/jupas/assessment/bd
Associate Degree: https://www.admo.cityu.edu.hk/jupas/assessment/ad/
Score calculator: https://www.admo.cityu.edu.hk/assessment/score_calculation/

  1. Interview Arrangements

Interviews are conducted for most of our programmes. The selection of students for interview is primarily based on application information [e.g. band choices, exams results (if available), information on OEA form and school reference report]. Interviews are usually conducted in May to July, before or after the announcement of public examination results. For details, please click here.

  1. Past JUPAS Admission Scores for Reference

For details of the admission scores of our past JUPAS entrants, please click here.

  1. JUPAS Guide 

The JUPAS website contains lots of useful information for JUPAS applicants. Click here for details. 

  1. Joint Degree Programmes

​​CityU has established partnership with the following world renowned universities to offer joint bachelor's degree programmes:  

  • Columbia University, USA 
  • National Taiwan University, Taiwan 
  • Leuphana University, Germany

On completion of the curriculum requirements of these joint degree programmes, students can earn two bachelor's degrees (one from CityU, and the other one from the partner university) normally within four years. CityU students who wish to be considered for the joint degree programmes must be enrolled in a 4-year degree programme of the majors concerned. For details, click here.





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